Dermal Fillers


Treatment Information
Dermal fillers are a hyaluronic acid based gel used to smooth wrinkles, replace lost volume and create natural contours to the face.

They vary in thickness depending on the area to be treated and can last anywhere between four to eighteen months depending on the type used.  High quality fillers are carefully selected during the consultation.

Cheeks and jawlines are commonly sought after treatments as they add shape, definition and symmetry to the face, restoring flatness and disguising jowls. Lips can be enhanced and contoured using different types of filler depending on preference; natural, well balanced and hydrated lips can be created avoiding overfilling.

The most beautiful lips are soft and well balanced, creating beautiful lips using lip fillers is an art requiring an eye for detail. Nose to mouth lines can be filled using dermal fillers these are great places to treat as it is very difficult for others to notice the treatment and have a significant impact on the appearance.

The eyes are a common area of concern for customers, the tear trough is the area beneath the eye which can appear as a dark circle when treated with filler the eyes can look brighter and more awake. Consultations are required for eyes as there are many options other than a stand alone tear trough procedure.

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